Friday, April 13, 2012


LA is getting ready for the 4th cicLAvia bike riding festival this Sunday April 15th!
CicLAvia originated in Bogota Colombia 30 years ago, and has started happening in many countries since then.
Here is a link on the event check out what 10 miles stretch will become strictly bike paths between 10am-3pm ( or touch the map to biggify)
See you at cicLAvia!

*April 18th update: CiLAvia was so much fun! With a massive turn out- 100.000 happy people riding on stylish bikes! LA really wants to be known as a biking habitat- and our mayor made a cool announcement at cicLAvia - Los Angeles is getting a BIKE SHARE  program, 4000 bicycles!
 I am not saying we will became an Amsterdam... 

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  1. this is fun, but when do we break for food, ruff!